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Documentary features interview with surrogacy kids

Surrogacy kids interview
In October 2011 a TV crew filming for the Portuguese “Frontline” documentary show focused on the subject of surrogacy. The show (mostly in English) aired on November 30th, and included a rare interview of 11 year old gestational surrogacy kids about their origin and family makeup.
The program also has an interviews an egg donor and a surrogate at the CT Fertility clinic, and shows Dr. Doyle performing an egg retrieval and an embryo transfer. The video below has excerpts from the 30 minute show (the parts here are mostly in English). I think it is very informative, especially for parents who think about how to tell their kids about their origin, and what might kids think about having two fathers when they grow older.
The full 30 minute report (much of the rest is in Portuguese only) can be seen at