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Surrogacy agencies ratings and reviews

Here is a list of the surrogacy agencies that received the top number of reviews in our surveys. The table is updated periodically, but the links to the full reports are updated in real time (so the ratings there are more up to date). The table only shows overall score and highlights of reported agency results, but the full reports have much more, including comments and personal reviews. Note that we in no way responsible to these opinions and they are the sole responsibility of the members who filled our surveys. We do our best to insure the validity of these surveys (see our FAQs), but we make no claims to statistical or scientific validity of the results. We hope more parents will join in to provide feedback and improve the ratings by filling in the parent survey on our site.

Full reportSatisfaction scoreYear foundedNumber of reviewsAverage journey cost ($)Web site
Surrogacy in US / Canada Agencies with 10+ reviews
Golden Surrogacy9.9201314$127,
Same Love Surrogacy9.7201411$127,
Creative Family Connections9.6200159$132,
NW Surrogacy9.3199454$118,
All Families Surrogacy9.2201417$141,
Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists9.1200652$125,
Fertility Miracles8.9200622$125,
The Surrogacy Source8.8200310$113,
Surrogate Alternatives (SAI)8.7199822$128,
Simple Surrogacy8.7200260$97,
Family Source Consultants8.3200642$100,
Circle Surrogacy8.21995141$133,
Growing Generations7.6199619$166,
Reproductive Possibilities7.3200927$124,
Extraordinary Conceptions7.2200421$135,
Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP)6198012$129,

Surrogacy in the US / Canada, Agencies with less than 10 reviews
Surro Connections9.76$116,000
Open Arms Consultants9.620036$124,000
Lotus Blossom Consulting920055$128,000
Canadian Surrogacy Options8.85$88,000
Canadian Fertility Consultants8.520074$110,000

Surrogacy Outside of the US / Canada
Tammuz Family9.4200850$72,400
Lotus Surrogacy9.3200929$68,000
Viva Family9.320118$71,000