Plan your perfect surrogacy journey!

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Here you can find a comprehensive listing of surrogacy related service providers, including all the basic information you need at a glance. You can sort and search the directory as well as view their involvement in our GPAP discount program.
Our invaluable rating tables rank surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics based on parent-submitted surveys. The summery view includes satisfaction levels, effectiveness measures, and real cost figures that already helped many save tens of thousand dollars by identifying affordable effective providers and creating downward pricing pressure. We hope more parents will join in to provide feedback and improve the ratings by filling in our parents surrogacy survey.
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We ask parents to submit anonymous surveys that collect feedback about agencies, clinics, lawyers and other surrogacy service providers. We collect interesting "real life" statistics such as how much people actually end up spending on the process, how many cycles and how long it took them to get pregnant, etc. Can you take 5 minutes and fill a survey about your experience?